BEHIND THE BOOTS - Sophomore Year

BEHIND THE BOOTS - Sophomore Year

This mini series will take you into the inner workings and behind the scenes with some of your favorite Black Boots characters. You will get a first hand perspective of how they view their characters evolution and what makes them tick... We ask them some of the most intimate and personal questions regarding; seasons 1 and 2, characters, overall topics facing college and Greek students on the campus of Brooks University, and their careers.

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BEHIND THE BOOTS - Sophomore Year
  • Black Boots - Behind The Boots (the guys)

    Catch up with some of your favorite guys from Black Boots season 2. As they discuss their most intimate and memorable experiences filming seasons one and two. They also provide a personal look into how they have prepared and come to portray these complicated but loving characters...

  • Black Boots - #BehindTheBoots (Malima & Tammy)

    Malima + Tammy discuss men and the social issues on college campuses!

  • Black Boots - #BehindTheBoots (Bree & Von)

    Actress Dawn Raven joins the cast of Black Boots Season 2, She introduces herself as the new character Bree Anderson... Dawn talks about being a fan of the series and the excitement of finally being apart of it.

    We catch up to Von who updates us on his status on campus and becoming a new membe...

  • Black Boots - #BehindTheBoots (Carla & Parker)