We're back for year two with the students of Brooks University. This year we dive deeper into the ever more complicated personal lives of those pledges now turned neos. How will they handle the pressures and risks of school, relationships, and pledging new lines?


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  • BLACK BOOTS | Ep. "#201" | @BlackBootsTV (2016) #ExtendedVersion

    BLACK BOOTS - SEASON 2 - We return to the campus of Brooks University, just in time for elections, drama, and scandal... Watch as the drama unfolds in episode #201. Oh, don't forget to see what President Henderson is up to these days... His fall from grace continues as he wakes up in a brand new ...

  • BLACK BOOTS | Ep. "#202" | @BlackBootsTV (2016) #ExtendedVersion

    There's much more to this season than the process... Episode 202 explores the realization of a transitioning college student into the real world. EXT participates in a group interview with the schools newspaper and Evan is no where to be found. Zoe is confronted with Grant's feelings and how he s...

  • BLACK BOOTS | Ep. "#203" | @BlackBootsTV (2016) #ExtendedVersion

  • BLACK BOOTS | Ep. "#204" | @BlackBootsTV (2016) #ExtendedVersion

    Grant finds dinner with Zoe's mom to be a little more intimidating than he thought it would be. But as the conversation heats up, Grant finds his confidence. The ladies of THETA finally hold court to finish business with Carla, London, and Zoe... But let's see if the sacrifice really pays off thi...

  • BLACK BOOTS | Ep. "#205" | @BlackBootsTV (2016) #ExtendedVersion

    The THETA'S are finally welcomed into the fold...

  • BLACK BOOTS | Ep. "#206" | @BlackBootsTV (2016) #ExtendedVersion

    This episode touches on many issues facing college students today. We tackle; homelessness, scandal, and the state of college graduates in corporate America... Tammy and Malima share one of the most touching scenes in Black Boots history!

  • BLACK BOOTS | Ep. "#207" | @BlackBootsTV (2016) #ExtendedVersion

    Zoe returns! But she's not alone... Catch up with Parker and Zoe, as Parker gets his wish to take Carla out... Von hangs out with Bree and gets more than expected. Evan seems to be up to his old habits but when his girl finds out what he's been up to. He has some explaining to do, lets see if he ...

  • BLACK BOOTS | Ep. "#208" | @BlackBootsTV (2016) #ExtendedVersion

    There's so much to catch up on, including new drama that will leave you holding your breath... There will be certain choices made that will alter the future of some of your favorite characters' path... The set up for a super Season 3 starts here.

  • BLACK BOOTS | Ep. "#209" | @BlackBootsTV (2016) #ExtendedVersion

    Carla becomes Zoe's rock, it's funny how the world has turned on its axis... Grant comes to drop off balloons for Zoe... Evan shows off his new business as he introduces it to a old friend!

  • BLACK BOOTS | Ep. "#210" | @BlackBootsTV (2016) #Season2Finale Pt. 1

    We return with the highly anticipated season 2 finale pt. 1. Carla is in dyer need of her dear friend Evan at the moment. She needs to talk to someone she can trust about her deep dark secret. But Evan is caught up in the whirlwind of his own circumstances. Whose also finding himself as a mentor ...