LOGAN | SEASON ONE | #ArtisticStandardTV | 2016-2017

LOGAN | SEASON ONE | #ArtisticStandardTV | 2016-2017

A series about the Exploration and Awakenings of a dark and lost soul.

LOGAN | SEASON ONE | #ArtisticStandardTV | 2016-2017

4 Videos

  • LOGAN | Ep. 103 | "Let it out and Let it go..."| #ArtisticStandardTV

    LOGAN has his hands full when put in a very uncomfortable position. He makes a decision that leaves the vulnerable Justin at bay. Justin is confronted and cornered by his ex just before one of his biggest moments of his career... LOGAN is full of complex and tangled relationships, stay tuned as w...

  • LOGAN | Ep. 102 | "Howl throughout the night"| #ArtisticStandardTV

    LOGAN returns with episode #102 -- LOGAN steps into his own while moving forward with his real estate business. Logan sits down with his girls friends father to discuss his future... While Justin visits his estranged mother in her adult care facility. Tune in!

  • LOGAN | Ep. 101 | "CAPTAIN AMERICA"| #ArtisticStandardTV

    introducing LOGAN, in this first episode we meet LOGAN DYER a successful real estate agent. We dive deep into this selfless and complicated soul when he decides to protect the honor of a stranger... JUSTIN, a struggling artist and sexually fluid being when he's being beaten by two homophobic men...